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I wanted to try something, well, it went wrong.
My whimsicott used Tailwind, got hit, and hung on to focus sash.
I used Memento and died, So I'll have a free turn for my Darmanitan to set up
My Darmanitan had Zen mode, was holding leftovers, and used Belly Drum.
It turns out my opponent switches because of the stat drop, and Belly Drum took me to EXACTLY 1/2 HP.
Zen mode didn't work, why? Shouldn't it work at 1/2 HP and under? Then I would have leftovers to take off Zen Mode so I can sweep.
Can anyone help me?

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Maybe Leftovers recovery; I'm not sure what activates first though.

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When Darmanitan's HP drops to below half, it will change into its Zen Mode at the end of the turn, which is a dual-type Fire/Psychic form. If it loses its Ability, or recovers HP to above half while in its Zen Mode, it will change back to its Standard Mode. ~ Bulbapedia

As the above source states, your Darmanitan would have to be below 50% HP in order to revert to Zen Mode. Try switching onto Stealth Rocks, then Belly Drumming. This would only take 1/8 of your HP, and get you below 50% after a Belly Drum. You could also hope for the opponent to use a not-very-effective attack, or switch into an obvious Fake Out.


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Thanks! But it would've been amazing if the set would work
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I believe it has to be under 50%. The desrption is:

Zen Mode changes the ability-bearer's form to ‘Zen Mode’ when their health falls below 50%.

Notice the below. I think this answers your question.

Hope I helped!