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I've heard of 4 forms of Darmanitan before: Standard, Zen, Galarian Standard, and Galarian Zen. However, I do not know if both the Zen modes are in Pokemon GO.

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No, it is not in the game yet. Only Standard mode is available (by evolving darumaka, which is in 10k eggs and shows up during events) and Galarian (evolves from Galarian Darumaka, which is very rare from 7k eggs)

Source:Experience. I always check the Pokémon Go news. I play it all the time. I’m even level 40.

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then why is it in https://pokemon.gameinfo.io
Notice how it shows “no evolutions” there. Darumaka can’t turn in to Zen Mode Darmanitan. Form changes aren’t in the game, either. This would limit it’s accessibility to only raids. Pokebattler shows that it’s never been in raids. Gamepress doens’t have an analysis on Zen mode forms, same with all unreleased Pokémon.