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Recently, when skimming the various teambuilding articles/threads on Smogon, I see many references to Quagsire. Why Quagsire? He is repeatedly referred to as a great wall, and I guess Unaware is usefull to break past setup sweepers/stallers. But he still has subpar stats and a massive Grass weakness, which is bad with all the Breloom, Mega Venusaur, Bullet Seed Mega Heracross, etc. in the tier. I also see moveset suggestions mentioning Quagsire, such as Mega Metagross running Grass Knot in order to crush him. Is Quagsire really that common, and if so why?

My point.

P.S. It''s not just Smogon where I see this, I've also seen it here and Serebii.

Quagsire is RU now. So that means no Mega Venu, no Breloom, and no Heracross anymore. If you could retag your question, that'd be great. Thanks in advance.
@ Starizard: But Aegislash is banned...

@ Sir_Mudkip: Sorry, I forgot to specify that this was OU :P
Mid gen VI Quagsire was actually pretty good in OU

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Here is the reason. This has pretty much all the reason's why quagsire is good, even though the question was made a little while ago, they are still pretty much all legit reasons.

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That used to be true, not as much any more after Aegislash and Mawile were banned seeing as those were two things Quagsire checked exceedingly well, and with the numerous grass types in OU Quagsires usage dropped even more and Rotom-W's usage rose due to its better utility and versatility as a wall.