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Just wondering. To clarify, does:
Speed Forme Deoxys have the highest base speed?
Attack Forme Deoxys have the highest base Attack and Special Attack?
Defense Forme Deoxys have the highest base Defense and Special Defense?

Note: This does not include Mega Evolution Pokemon.
Other Note: As of XY

Do you mean of all pokemon? Or just among the Deoxys forms?

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Deoxys-S: 180 base speed (highest)

Deoxys-D: 160 base defense
Shuckle (230), Regirock (200), Steelix (200), Avalugg (184), Aggron (180), Cloyster (180), Bastiodon (168)

Deoxys-D: 160 base special defense
Shuckle (230), Regice (200)

Deoxys-A: 180 base attack (highest, though Mega Mewtwo-X and Heracross-M are both higher)

Deoxys-A: 180 base special attack (highest, though Mega Mewtwo-Y is higher)

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