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Which middle stage Pokemon has the highest hp atk def spatk spdef spd and which has the lowest hp atk def etc

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Chansey has the highest base HP (**250**) and the lowest base Attack and Defense (**5**).
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Highest HP: Chansey (250)
Lowest HP: Pikachu (35)
Highest Attack: Rhydon (130)
Lowest Attack: Chansey (5)
Highest Defense: Doublade (150)
Lowest Defense: Chansey (5)
Highest Special Attack: Duosion (125)
Lowest Special Attack: Marill (20)
Highest Special Defense: Cosmoem (131)
Lowest Special Defense: Silcoon / Metapod / Kakuna / Jigglypuff / Cascoon (25)
Highest Speed: Electabuzz / Kadabra / Scyther (105)
Lowest Speed: Silcoon / Cascoon (15)

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