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Include hp attack speed etc
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Im asking this to find the most lopsided pokemon such as kartana
Shedinja has the lowest stat total in the game with 233 compared to its pre-evolution(?) nincada with 266 (I think)
There's a section on the site that let's you sort Pokémon by their stats ( https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all ). You could use that to find "lopsided" Pokémon.

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Wishiwashi Solo = 175 BST (2nd is Shedinja w/236 BST)
Shuckle = 20 HP (Shedinja also has 1 HP)
Shuckle & Blissey = 10 Atk
Blissey = 10 Def
Shuckle = 10 Spa
Stonjourner & Deoxys Attack = 20 Spd
Pyukumuku & Shuckle = 5 Spe


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Sunkern evolves into sunflora
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All of the ultra beasts have the same stat total and equally lopsided stats tbh. Shuckle has the lowest speed stat at 5, and Shedinja has 1 for HP (if you include shedinja, which no-one does kinda cuz that is cheating).

Hope this helps!