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Does it have any use for finding items, Pokemon, ect?


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Well, it actually has multiple uses, other than providing news in-game:

  • StreetPass
    If you pass by someone while having StreetPass turned on, you'll see a mailbox on the BuzzNav Icon. Click the mailbox and it will activate features and also tell you how many people you passed by

  • BuzzNav News
    When you pass by someone, you'll get lots of data from them, which includes items they've bought, Pokemon they've caught, TMs they've used, etc.

  • Secret Bases
    You can receive other people's Secret Bases by passing by them, where you can then go to their base and capture their flag, get decoratioins from them, etc.

  • Mirage Spots
    Each time you pass by someone, you'll discover a new Mirage Island from them. This is pretty useful for trying to encounter Cresselia

  • Eon Ticket
    You can get the Eon Ticket by passing by and activating StreetPass with someone who already has it


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