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Who are they and where are they? Please do not include the elite four.

Battle resort, secret base, Aarune

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Inverse Battle

Once a day, you can head to special Inverse Battle Hall located in Mauville City and battle Inver, who you can challenge to an Inverse battle (duh)

Rotation Battle ## - Thanks to V on this one

After you have access to Mauville Hills, you can find an Old Woman who you can challenge to a Rotation Battle once a day

Secret Base Trainers## - Thanks to V on this too

You may battle your Secret Base Buddies once a day, who are located at your Secret Base, or at their own Secret Base (if they're not one of your buddies)

Battle Resort Trainers

If you walk around the Battle Resort, you'll find multiple people that are willing to battle, with their teams based around a certain (Poison, Ground, Bug, Grass, and Fairy)


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