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Does a Pokemon have to know the move before breeding in order to pass it onto the child Pokemon after breeding? Or does it just have to be in its skill path to pass it down? Like... here:

So, lets say I was breeding for a super Machamp. If I wanted Ice Punch on it, could I just breed a regular Medicham without it having Ice Punch learned, or does it have to have it learned in order to pass it down?


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The father must know the move in order for it to pass it down.
The move should also be one of the offspring's egg moves.
The mother does not need to learn the move.

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So, what if I was, lets say, breeding a super Electivire. How am I supposed to pass down Ice Punch from a Medicham and a Cross Chop from a Machop-line Pokemon into a single Electabuzz? Since neither one has both for its egg moves, how am I supposed to keep both moves consistent within the Pokemon breeding line?
i think either parent can pass on egg moves now
^ As of Gen VI that's correct.

The way to do this with your example is:
1. get a male Medicham and female Electivire. Make sure male Medicham has Ice Punch.
2. resulting Elekid will have Ice Punch (make sure your breeding pair do not have more than 4 breeding moves that can be passed down). You need a female Elekid again in order to chain breed.
3. evolve *female* Elekid (because it's a baby Pokemon) with Ice Punch and breed with male Machop that knows Cross-Chop.
4. resulting baby Elekid will have both Cross-Chop & Ice Punch.

However, you can use tutor Ice Punch onto Elekid with Cross-Chop. It's easier that way so you don't need to chain breed. If this is a game before Gen VI, tutoring is the only way to get Ice Punch and Cross-Chop onto Electivire.

And yes, the Pokemon you have in the day care *must* have the move you want to pass down in its moveset.
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In order for a Pokemon to receive egg moves or regular moves the male parent Pokemon has to have those egg moves on them in order for the child to inherit them. Also the child has to be capable of learning the egg moves via breeding.

Source: Experience

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