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I am trying to breed for a 5IV Adamant Larvitar with Dragon Dance. The parents are a Larvitar with Outrage and Dragon Dance and a 6IV Ditto. So far I have hatched 12 Eggs. Of these twelve Eggs, only the first five hatched with Dragon Dance and Outrage. The remaining seven Larvitar have no Egg Moves at all. Please help!


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Larvitar probably forgot

As you probably know you have no control over the Moves it learns and forgets. Take the Larvitar out the DayCare and check its moves.

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Completely forgot that XD Thanks a mil.
No problem xD
Actually, as long as he hasn't withdrawn it from the Daycare it should still pass down egg moves. If you withdraw it from the Daycare the pokemon can no longer pass down moves.
I withdrew it at one point too. Thanks to you both!