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I want a swellow that knows both Brave Bird and Sky Attack, but I was wondering if it is possible. What I mean is that if I have a swellow that knows Brave Bird if I breed it will Brave Bird be passed on to the baby taillow?

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Unrecognizable is right, as long as the Male is the one that knows the move.
Also you may be interested to know this:
If the father and the child are both compatible to have the same moves the child will be born with moves in this order,
Egg moves have top priority
Compatible TM's
level up moves that both parents know
level 1 moves which are whatever the child would usually be born with.

So if the father knows 3 Egg moves that the child can learn but nothing else compatible the child will know the three egg moves and only one level 1 move which I believe are random if there is more than one.

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Simple as that

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It all depends on the gender, the the egg gets the fathers moves and the mothers sprite as well as pokemon type and name.
Hope this helps!

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