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I'm working on building a team for the upcoming Battle Competition, and my strategy involves obtaining Speed Swap Ribombee. I have an Alolan Raichu to breed with in order to pass Speed Swap down, but the Raichu I have had bad IVs and a poor nature. Raichu, however, is listed as the only back Pokemon that can pass down Speed Swap onto baby Cutiefly. My question is this: if I were to hatch two Cutiefly, male and female, with Alolan Raichu as the father and both Cutiefly knowing Speed Swap, could I breed those two Cutiefly and have any child know Speed Swap? Could this work with just one Cutiefly knowing Speed Swap? Or is it completely necessary to breed with Raichu as the father to pass down Speed Swap?

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Most of the time, Pokemon should be able to pass down egg moves through their own species, and indeed this is the case with Cutiefly. So no, once you have bred Speed Swap onto a Cutiefly, you no longer need the Raichu. If you breed a Cutiefly that knows Speed Swap and the offspring is another Cutiefly, that Cutiefly will know Speed Swap every time. Only one parent has to know Speed Swap for it to be passed down.

It is also worth mentioning here that as of Gen 6, egg moves can be passed down by the mother as well as the father, so if you hatch a female Cutiefly with the move, she can fill the role passing down the egg moves as well. There is no longer any gender restriction, and there is no need to breed the move onto both parents -- I've bred a fair few Pokemon myself recently so I can verify that firsthand.

PokemonDB itself has really good lists of parents for passing down egg moves. You can see Speed Swap on Cutiefly's listing here, and that Raichu, Cutiefly and Ribombee are all potential parents. It does not matter how the move was taught to the parent -- so long as it has a mention on the list, it is a workable parent.

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Thanks!  Time to get back to breeding now that that's cleared up.
No problem! Good luck with the breeding.