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In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, I tried to recruit Ho-Oh twice, once with a Blaziken and Umbreon, once with only the Umbreon. According to Bulbapedia, Ho-Oh has a 99.9% recruit rate. Is it because I did not talk to Spinda, Bulbapedia's info is wrong, or that I don't have Ho-Oh's friend area (if so, tell me which one is it)


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Are you using your starter? I believe you can only recruit Legendaries with your main character. Rainbow Peak friend area is needed, which can be bought for 6,500 Poke from Wigglytuff's shop, the requirements for unlocking are simply finishing the main quest line.

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My starter was Eevee, and I'm pretty sure you can recrut legendaries with any Pokémon, as I have tried that with recruiting Articuno with Zapdos as my leader..
Sorry, I made a mistake, as I said I haven't played the game in a while. You need to unlock Rainbow Peak first, which can be bought from Wigglytuff for 6,500 Poke.
Could you edit that in then? If there are no better answers, I'll give you BA
Also, you can't have a legendary on your team. If you do, you have to send it back before you defeat the legendary you want to recruit.