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Well, I know there is Camperupt, Emboar (Gift), Blaziken, Typlosion (Gift), Infernape (Gift), Torkoal, and Magcargo in ORAS, but none of them really seem good for a position in my team. Pros and Cons, and a moveset also?


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True there's a helpful answer already, but there are a couple of really popular and awesome fire types available at Mt. Pyre that haven't been mentioned yet.

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I always liked it, it was just the coolest-yet-cutest-looking Pokemon to me.

Vulpix is found in the late 20s of levels and late 30s if you've got a "!" on your DexNav. It evolves relatively easily into Ninetales (Fire Stone), and gets some decent moves when you catch it. It even gets Flamethrower by default if you have a high-level DexNav-caught Vulpix. When Ninetales evolves, it'll get Nasty Plot from the Heartscale guy in Fallarbor town, and that'll just turn it into a death machine. I believe you find TM Dark Pulse in The Aqua/Magma hideout, and Ninetales will learn it. After getting both bikes and unlocking the Battle Resort you can get TM Energy Ball from the Safari Zone. If it has its hidden ability Drought, you can teach it an instant-activation SolarBeam. Any nature that raises Speed (except Jolly) is good.

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My favorite Fire-type.

Growlithe, Vulpix' physical counterpart, will be available only after you have eight badges (DexNav detection only). It's also in Mt. Pyre and evolves the same way. You may want to wait until around level 41 before evolving so you can easily EV train by hordes. (using Heat Wave will help a lot - kill the leftovers that you miss with crunch) Growlithe has a great movepool - Outrage at Level 43, Flare Blitz at 45, Crunch at 39, and Wild Charge by TM. It will need Agility (Lvl. 30) to be sure it can outspeed whatever necessary. It also gets Intimidate, giving you some confidence in its Defense. Flash Fire is also an okay ability, allowing you to switch into expected fire moves unscathed. Any nature lowering Sp. Atk would do fine.

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These suggestions are actually pretty good.
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For in-game I would suggest Blaziken to check the Elite Four With:
Flare blitz
Sky Uppercut
Brave bird
Flamethrower(for physical walls)

For meta game I would suggest Infernape with:
Item: Life Orb
Flare blitz
Close Combat
Mach punch/Fake out
U-turn/ Stealth Rock/ Thunder Punch

The cons with these are the obvious increase in weaknesses to a fire type, but The pros are that Blaziken gets speed boost if mega evolution and Infernape is fast so no reason this should be that much of an issue
Hope this helps
Edit:Because Blaziken has a good sp atk stat that is why i said flamethrower
Mega Blaziken takes the fun out of the game IMO. It's just too OP.
Its an ingame team the last quarter of the main story is mainly water pokes until e4