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This kind of IS three questions in one, but they are all related to ONE thing: I was playing ORAS, Wi-Fi battled someone. I beat most of their Pokémon but they had ONE left. It was a weird Hoopa. I couldn't find what move it was, but it KOED my Mega-Sceptile. It had rings and stuff, and the Hoopa was odd. Since Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion are not introduced yet, this guy is 100% hacker, or got it from a trade, clueless. I kept training my Pokémon for a few days, and on the 3rd, the Hoopa was normal. Is this all related? And, the weird move rings were like the ones to get legendaries, and the Hoopa looked like it was laughing. I looked it up, and the 3rd day was a part of it, and it was called Unbound Hoopa, and you have to have a Hoopa in ORAS and talk to a store clerk. My theory is that these rings are the ones in the legendary ones, and Hoopa may have trapped in there? Does anyone have proof that Gamefreak intended to use this, or didn't?

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I think the move is Hyperspace Fury.
Here's more info:http://kotaku.com/the-legendary-pokemon-that-only-hackers-own-1665657672

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That theory is widespread over the Internet, and is basically confirmed to be true. The latest movie trailer shows Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and a Shiny Mega Rayquaza being pulled into a portal, quite obviously created by Hoopa. You are correct in assuming the rings are the ones legendaries are found in, and it is believed that Hoopa tore them out of their original story lines to be part of Hoenn. That's why their music is unremixed- it's the music from the storyline they were taken from. No one knows why it does what it does, though... Only time will tell.

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