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I just got Hoopa from the GTS, and obtained the prison bottle to change it's form to Hoopa Unbound. If Hoopa is in it's Unbound form, it "teleports" back to it's Confined form if I put it somewhere in the PC. Is this a glitch or is this supposed to happen or a glitch somehow? I don't know if it is something weird or not. Just a few facts:
1: I am not the OT from the Hoopa I have (like I said, I got it from the GTS)
2: I'm playing Pokémon Omega Ruby
3: It has both Hyperspace Hole and Hyperspace Fury in it's moveset

Please help I would like to keep Hoopa Unbound in my Battle Box.

It's supposed to change form when deposited in a PC, but I don't know if it's supposed to forget hyperspace fury upon changing form.
That's not the case, it seems to be that it Always keeps Hyperspace Fury, even when not Unbound.

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Hoopa Unbound will revert into Hoopa Confined if three days have passed since the Prison Bottle was used without being deposited in the PC, or if it is deposited in (Generation VI) or withdrawn from (Generation VII) the PC.

Yes, Hoopa Unbound is supposed to change into Hoopa Confined when depositing it into a PC box.


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Ok thank you, didn't know that :D