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I'm talking how many ORAS gets, if it makes a difference between games.

I've been trying to get a shiny Charmander via Masuda method, and it has not been going well lately. I have 340+ Charmander and I'm wondering if I'm ever going to run out of space. It seems to increase every so often without me even knowing what caused it (not that it bothers me, who doesn't like extra space?) but I'm wondering if there's ever a limit. There probably is, I just got curious because I finally have a reason to use all this space.

My advice? Release every non-Shiny Charmander once it hatches.

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The max amount of boxes you can have is 32

Hope I helped!
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Oh, jeez, with my luck, I'm gonna run out of space before I get a shiny
Keep in mind that there are 30 boxes in pokebank I think
I heard the PokéBank has 100 boxes, but I can't give a reliable source.
Yes, Pokemon Bank has 100 boxes. Or you could just release all the breedjects.