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I already got Diancie in mystery gift, but I have no idea how to get hoopa or volcanion. Some people have already offered me hoopa in trade and I saw that they were in a mystery gift pokeball, does that mean there was an event for hoopa I missed, or that they are just hackers?


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Currently, Volcanion is unreleased (it hasn't even been officially announced) and there is no event for it. So any Volcanion you might see right now will be hacked.

There was a recent Hoopa event in Japan, so Hoopa is released, just not everywhere yet. If you see a Hoopa with a Japanese name, it's probably legit. But any others are hacked.

So to get Hoopa/Volcanion, you can try to find someone who might actually trade you a Hoopa event, or you can wait until a Hoopa event comes to your country.
And the same goes to Volcanion. But as I said, Volcanion is unreleased, so no event exists yet and none has been announced.

My guess is that Volcanion will come next year.

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My guess is volcanion will come out as part of the pokemon Z release. Or with another gen 6 movie.
You can use qr codes
Well hoopa has 2 forms...
by now you have missed the hoopa release it was a mcdonalds promotion with our pokemon toys
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Most of them are probably hacked, but there was recently a Hoopa event in Japan, so japanese Hoopa may be legit. However, Hoopas in other languages are hacked as there have been no Hoopa events outside Japan. However, most hacked Hoopas are perfectly legitimate, with proper stats, moves and Abilities-they just haven't been obtained in a legit way. Volcanion is unreleased as far as we know, so all Volcanion are assumed to be hacked. However, like Hoopa, most hacked Volcanion have legit moves, stats and Abilities. As for obtaining on, you could try to get someone to trade you a event Hoopa, but there isn't much of a problem using a hacked Hoopa, as Hoopa has now been released, and so you could now find a official Hoopa online, so hacked ones can be used as long as they are exactly the same as a legit Hoopa. (no illegal stats, moves or Abilities.) For Volcanion, you can't get one legitimately, and please don't use a hacked one online as people don't like you using hacked Pokemon that haven't been released.