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Hoopa must be in its Unbound form for it to be able to learn Hyperspace fury, which it learns as a level up move at level 1 and 85.
Once Hoopa has learned the move, if it converts back to its Confined Form, it will still know Hyperspace Fury, however Hoopa will be unable to use it in battles and contests.


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Hoopa needs to be Unbound, and lvl 1 or 85 (For it to naturally learn it)

If Hoopa is lvl 100, you need a Heart Scale, then go to Fallarbor Town, then go inside the house in the top-left corner, and talk to the man. In exchange for a Heart Scale, he shall let Hoopa remember one of his moves, in this case, Hyperspace Fury. Note, that if Hoopa has never learned Hyperspace Fury, it will not work.

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sorry, but that last part is flat out wrong: as long as a move is in a pokemon's move set, and the pokemon is at or above the level it would have learned that move, it can re learn it with a heart scale, regardless of wether it ever had it before: moves like wood hammer for Torterra