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Unbound Hoopa's signature move. I'm pretty sure there is enough info on this somewhere.

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Smeargle can Sketch Hyperspace Fury, but can't actually use it, as only Hoopa Unbound can use the move and get results. So, it's practically the equivalent of Splash, unless Hoopa Unbound uses it.


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Hyperspace Fury can be Sketched or Copied, But if it is used by a Pokemon that isnt Hoopa Unbound. It will Fail.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hyperspace_Fury_(move)

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Yes and no. As you probably know, Smeargle can sketch any move in the game possible. But, Unbound Hoopa is the only Pokemon in the game that can use it. You can hack it onto other Pokemon, but it won't work. Even normal Hoopa can't use it.
Source: Experience

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