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Basically, a place where I can double sketch. Like, a random double battle in-game. Oh by the way, this is in OR/AS.

HMMMM, well. You need a respawnable double battle zone. This means you need double battle trainers and you need to rematch them. The answer should be 4 (8 if you want to be technical) double battle trainers that you can go back to the Move retutor easily from.  Also, I think I butchered my English.
Blissey bases
don't know how good it would be but there is a double battle option in the resteraunt in mauville city

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In secret bases, if you have a friend with a secret base, they can use their Proclamation and set it to Double Battles. So when you enter their base, you can Double Battle them and Sketch your own moves. Also, your friend with the base can use really weak Pokemon to help you.
And, you can rebattle them every day, because they respawn (like Blissey grinding).

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when that keeps respawning many times a day is the twins on the route to the left of bicycle bridge and also left of the pokefan with plusle and minun. they are very weak to.