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I remember when people talked about Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion events.. however I only see people getting Diancie.
I don't have 3DS but I already buyed X and Y (I will get a 3DS at Christmas) and I know that Volcanion and Hoopa are from generation 6.

Why they aren't been released yet? Or Game Freak will make an event for them 2 in ORAS?
Any information? I would like to use them at Showdown :D

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2016 edit: This question is from 2014 and is outdated. Hoopa and Volcanion have both been revealed now and have had their own separate events. Click here to see Volcanion event dates, and here to see dates for Hoopa.

We don't know. We only know about these Pokemon because a hacker named Smealum revealed them along with Diancie last year (Diancie was also unreleased at that stage). Nintendo have not acknowledged the existence of Hoopa or Volcanion yet. So we have absolutely no idea when they'll release these Pokemon.

However, we do know that it is extremely likely that Hoopa will receive an event in OR/AS. A new form of Hoopa was found in the code of the games' demo versions by another group of well-known hackers. They wouldn't code a new form for no reason, so a Hoopa announcement and event seems very likely. We've heard nothing about Volcanion though.

how do you came to know this
Since the new movie is going to take place in july in japan I believe that during november the movie will premiere in europe and america, so the hoopa event at least will take place at octomber like diancie
I apologise if this is necro posting but volcanion has officially been announced now.