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I need one to complete my Pokedex. I know there were events in the past, but I missed out on those. Is there any way to somehow claim one still, in some sort of DNS exploit-esque fashion? I can also use Y and Omega Ruby if there's some way to get one there.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer already but I'm still holding out hope that I'm wrong.


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No. Because Game Freak is no longer making events for USUM also there was never a Volcanion event for USUM.

However there is a SwSh event called "Get Challenge Volcanion" ocurring now, you can get it online in any region and expires in April 30th.

Hope I helped.

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I didn't ask for SwSh, I asked for Ultra Sun. Thank you for your information, but you didn't answer the bit about being able to access old events from Gen 6.
Believe me, there is no way to exploit Gen 6 events. This is only possible in Gens 4 and 5.
I believe someone will make a DNS to get legit events for Gen 6.
I'd like some proof a little better than "trust me", if you could. Is there something confirming that the exploit can't be done?
No at all. If you type on Google "Gen 6 event DNS" the first result you see will be for the DS games only.
It says "PKSM".
No, it's not legit.
That's disappointing, thanks.