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My Feraligatr is a physical sweeper. His move set is currently is
Aqua Tail
Ice Fang

HP - 287
Atk - 309
Def - 281
SP.Atk - 203
SP.Def - 187
Speed - 150

Am just wondering would Hone Claws be a good idea.


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DD instead?

Because Dragon Dance > Hone Claws
Great moves and great coverage. My advice would be to ditch either aqua tail or waterfall (I'd keep waterfall for higher accuracy but that's my opinion) and replace it with Dragon Dance instead of Hone Claws.
If you got rid of aqua tail you would have all high accuracy moves anyway, plus dragon dance boosts the speed stat which is much better for a sweeper.
Those stats are good too. If you aren't fully trained you could try putting a bit more into s.def :)

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s.def as both of its super effective weaknesses are mostly special attackers and you won't wanna switch after setting up
Thx dude.
no problem:)