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Assume You Baton Passed a +6 attack to a banded Azumarill. would the Band have no effect, or you get to +7 successfully (I know this is dumb :p)


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The band is 1.5, and unaffected by stat changes(damage is lowered by growl ext) so yes, but even if it's equivalent to +7, knock off removes its affect entirely. Hope I helped-tad(what, people leaving endings like that tend to get a BA :3) edit:its a whole other modifier, so it's impossible. Props to your worst nightmare

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So,in Short, +7 is Possible Correct ?
^no it isn't. If a mon has 100 as it's attack stat. Now lets say it has +6 which is 4x so it will be 400. If it was +7 (which isn't a thing) it would be at 450. Now with +6 and a choice band the stat would be 600 band is a complete other multiplier
Ah, sorry for my mistake. I'll edit right away.