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So.... I was in a ghost type friend safari going up against a Spiritomb and I sent out my Kangaskhan(non-mega) with the ability scrappy and then I used rock smash and some how it was super effective even though normal type moves weren't can someone explain how this would work to me?


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Spiritomb is a Dark/Ghost type. Dark is weak to Fighting but Ghost is immune to Fighting type moves, not resistant, like Psychic types.

Since your Kangaskhan has Scrappy it can hit Ghost types with Normal and Fighting moves, so in this case it hits Spiritomb, ignoring its immunity and dealing super-effective damage. If it was, e.g. Gengar, Rock Smash would only deal half the damage, because Poison resists Fighting.

>Scrappy enables Normal & Fighting-type moves to hit Ghost-type Pokémon.

Other than the added Fighting weakness, Spiritomb's weaknesses stay the same, so Bug would still deal neutral damage.

Scrappy basically disregards a Ghost-type Pokemon's immunities.


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Lol I forgot spiritomb was part dark type
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Spiritomb is ghost dark type.
Scrappy ignores ghost typing.
To kangaskhan spiritomb is dark type

oh that makes sence