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Pretty sure it's the same as every other game.

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Soft Resetting

"Soft-Resetting" just means restarting the game without quitting out first.
•Save in front of the legendary Pokemon
•Start the battle
•If it's not shiny, press and hold L+R and press either Select or Start to perform a soft-reset.
•The screen will go black and the game will start loading the title screen.

As stated by Robotnik in this forum

Keep doing this until you find the shiny legendary Pokémon. It may take a while, however.

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Soft Reset

Before you encounter the legendary Pokemon save right in front of it (if possible) and then encounter the Legendary. If it isn't shiny, restart your game by pressing : L+R+Start.
The odds are a really low 1/4096 Chance without the Shiny Charm.


You can hack your game with Powersaves and give yourself some shiny legendaries.
It could damage your Save File though, so be careful


GTS and maybe Wondertrade could reap you some Shiny Legendaries, although quite a few of the legendaries are likely to be hacked. Other places are the DB Chatroom, Reddit, GameFAQs and Pokemon Showdwon WIFi room. The Showdown WiFi room is a great place to start as illegally hacked Pokemon are banned from being traded Poketrade.us is also an option.

Good Luck with the shinies :D