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So I've completed the game and delta episode in AS. I've been checking my mirage spots on a daily basis waiting for the ditto spot, which I believe is a mirage cave.

However, despite using streetpass, I only seem to get the same 5 or so spots, the mirage spot that shows changes on a daily basis but it is always one of these 5 same spots.

I'm aware that there are up to 8 different spots under each category- cave, island etc, so why am I only getting one of these 5?

How can I break this chain and get new spots?!

I hear people that these mirage spots are generated by luck, so it could be just that you are unlucky.

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Its up to luck.

Every day, a new island will spawn (well not new but different) randomly. Streetpass can help you, but only if they have different mirage spots. Just keep waiting and eventually you'll find it.
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