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Currently my movesets are.
Flare Blitz
Head Smash
Blast Burn

Ice Beam
Flash Cannon

Dragon Claw
U Turn
Rock Slide

Hammer Arm
Focus Punch
Stone Edge

Do you think I should change any Pokemon or moves in my team and who should I add to my team?

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Remove blast burn noting that emboar has pretty low sp. Attk and get fire punch ...and get a pokemon like bisharp to protect from psychic and go offence...

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PROBLEM: Emboar can't learn Fire punch. I agree, take away blast burn, and put in hammer arm, with high base power and STB its a great move for emboar and instead of assurance, put in Wilcharge to cover it's weakness to water
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You need to get a dark cos your emboar and conkeldurr are weak to psychic and you should maybe get a psychic cos your vaniluxe is weak to fighting your archeops helps your vaniluxe with its fire weakness hope this helps

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