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Please list the Galar Gym Leaders Pokémon’s Movesets. This includes Moves, Levels, Held Items, and Abilities if any. As these are the Galar Leaders, Pokemon and Movesets will need to be provided from Sw/Sh. You must use competitive syntax to answer.

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https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gym_Leader Just scroll down to the list, click each of the gym leaders' names, and you should see their movesets.
The main reason for this q is for the info to be onsite, like the Kanto q Obstagoon made
What's syntax?
Competitive syntax is the formatting you see on moveset questions.

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Hi! I will be happy to answer your question!
Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders
Gym #1 Turffield Gym - Leader Milo
Leader: Milo
Type: Grass
Recommended: Fire, Flying
Rewards: Grass Badge, Grass Uniform, TM10 - Magical Leaf
Milo's Pokemon:
#1 Gossifleur
Type: Grass
Lv: 19
Moves: Magical Leaf (Grass), Round (Normal), Rapid Spin (Normal)
#2 Eldegoss
Type: Grass
Lv: 19
Moves: Magical Leaf (Grass), Leafage (Grass), Round (Normal)
STRATEGY: Gym Leader Milo only has two Pokemon: both Grass-type. That means there's nothing to worry about in terms of odd type matchups. Any Fire, Flying, Poison, or Bug moves should do the trick. He'll Dynamax his Eldegoss, so it's a good idea to follow suit and Dynamax your Pokemon as well. After winning this battle, Pokemon up to level 25 can be captured.
Gym #2 Hulbury Gym - Leader Nessa
Leader: Nessa
Type: Water
Recommended: Grass, Electric
Rewards: Water Badge, Water Uniform, TM36 - Whirlpool
Nessa's Pokemon:
#1 Goldeen
Type: Water
Lv: 22
Moves: Water Pulse (Water), Whirlpool (Water), Horn Attack (Normal), Agility (Psychic)
#2 Arrokuda
Type: Water
Lv: 23
Moves: Aqua Jet (Water), Bite (Dark), Whirlpool (Water), Fury Attack (Normal)
#3 Drednaw
Type: Water, Rock
Lv: 24
Moves: Razor Shell (Water), Water Gun (Water), Bite (Dark), Headbutt (Normal)
STRATEGY: Gym Leader Nessa has three Water-type Pokemon. A strong Grass-type with some STAB moves will serve you very well, as the Water/Rock typing of Drednaw makes Grass moves 4x effective. Electric-type is another good choice. You'll likely out-level Nessa at this point, so the battle shouldn't be too challenging. She'll Dynamax her Drednaw, so make sure to Dynamax your Pokemon at the same time. With Water Badge in hand, Pokemon up to level 30 can be captured.
Gym #3 Motostoke Gym - Leader Kabu
Leader: Kabu
Type: Fire
Recommended: Rock, Water
Rewards: Fire Badge, Fire Uniform, TM38 - Will-O-Wisp
Kabu's Pokemon:
#1 Ninetales
Type: Fire
Lv: 25
Moves: Will-O-Wisp (Fire), Fire Spin (Fire), Quick Attack (Normal), Ember (Fire)
#2 Arcanine
Type: Fire
Lv: 25
Moves: Will-O-Wisp (Fire), Flame Wheel (Fire), Bite (Dark), Agility (Psychic)
#3 Centiskorch
Type: Fire, Bug
Lv: 27
Moves: Flame Wheel (Fire), Coil (Poison), Bug Bite (Bug), Smokescreen (Normal)
STRATEGY: Gym Leader Kabu is a Fire-type specialist with three Pokemon. Rock-type moves are excellent for this battle, as they'll be 4x effective against his star Pokemon, Centiskorch. Water-types are a solid choice as well. His Centiskorch will get Dynamaxed the first turn it's out, so Dynamax your Pokemon as well. The Fire Badge will ensure that you can catch Pokemon up to level 35.
Gym #4 Stow-on-Side Gym - Leader Bea
Leader: Bea
Type: Fighting
Recommended: Fairy, Flying
Rewards: Fighting Badge, Fighting Uniform, TM42 - Revenge
Bea's Pokemon:
#1 Hitmontop
Type: Fighting
Lv: 34
Moves: Triple Kick (Fighting), Quick Attack (Normal), Counter (Fighting), Revenge (Fighting)
#2 Pangoro
Type: Fighting, Dark
Lv: 34
Moves: Bullet Punch (Steel), Circle Throw (Fighting), Night Slash (Dark), Work Up (Normal)
#3 Galarian Sirfetch'd
Type: Fighting
Lv: 35
Moves: Detect (Fighting), Swords Dance (Normal), Brutal Swing (Dark), Revenge (Fighting)
#4 Machamp
Type: Fighting
Lv: 36
Moves: Scary Face (Normal), Revenge (Fighting), Knock Off (Dark), Strength (Normal)
STRATEGY: In Sword version, Bea is the leader of Stow-on-Side Gym. Gym Leader Bea uses Fighting-types and has four Pokemon. A strong Fairy-typee will be your best bet, as it'll be 4x effective against Pangoro and 2x effective against everything else. Flying-type is always a solid choice against Fighting as well. She'll Dynamax her Machamp, so you should do the same to keep up. The Fighting Badge allows you to obtain Pokemon up to level 40.
Gym #4 Stow-on-Side Gym - Leader Allister
Leader: Allister
Type: Ghost
Recommended: Ghost, Dark
Rewards: Ghost Badge, Ghost Uniform, TM77 - Hex
Allister's Pokemon:
#1 Yamask
Type: Ghost, Ground
Lv: 34
Moves: Brutal Swing (Dark), Hex (Ghost), Disable (Normal)
#2 Mimikyu
Type: Ghost, Fairy
Lv: 34
Moves: Shadow Sneak (Ghost), Baby-Doll Eyes (Fairy), Hone Claws (Dark), Slash (Normal)
#3 Galarian Cursola
Type: Ghost
Lv: 35
Moves: Ancient Power (Dark), Curse (Ghost), Hex (Ghost)
#4 Gengar
Type: Ghost, Poison
Lv: 36
Moves: Venoshock (Poison), Hex (Ghost), Hypnosis (Psychic), Payback (Dark)
STRATEGY: In Shield version, Allister is the leader of Stow-on-Side Gym. Gym Leader Allister uses Ghost-types and has four Pokemon. This is the first gym leader where typing gets a little more tricky. Ghost type moves are the best choice, but not Ghost-type Pokemon. Dark-types are a safe choice as well. He'll Dynamax his Gengar, so you should do the same to keep up. The Ghost Badge allows you to obtain Pokemon up to level 40.
Gym #5 Ballonlea Gym - Leader Opal
Leader: Opal
Type : Fairy
Recommended: Steel, Ground
Rewards: Fairy Badge, Fairy Uniform, TM87 - Draining Kiss
Opal's Pokemon:
#1 Galarian Weezing
Type: Poison, Fairy
Lv: 36
Moves: Sludge (Poison), Fairy Wind (Fairy), Tackle (Normal)
#2 Mawile
Type: Steel, Fairy
Lv: 36
Moves: Draining Kiss (Fairy), Crunch (Dark), Iron Defense (Steel), Astonish (Ghost)
#3 Togekiss
Type: Fairy, Flying
Lv: 37
Moves: Air Slash (Flying), Draining Kiss (Fairy), Ancient Power (Rock)
#4 Alcremie
Type: Fairy
Lv: 38
Moves: Draining Kiss (Fairy), Acid Armor (Poison), Sweet Kiss (Fairy)
STRATEGY: Opal is the leader of Ballonlea Gym, at least for the time being. She is a Fairy-type user with four Pokemon. Because of the dual-typing of several of her Pokemon, it's hard to cover the spread with a single type. The best bet is some combination of Steel and Ground-types. If you want both in one, Galarian Stunfisk. She'll Dynamax her Alcremie, so keep that in mind and follow suit to keep up with her. Throughout the course of the battle, she'll also ask you some questions. If you answer correctly, your stats will be boosted. The questions are:
Q: 'Do you know my nickname?' A: 'The Wizard'
Q: 'What is my favorite color?' A: 'Purple'
Q: 'How old am I?' A: '16 years old'
With Fairy Badge in hand, you can now obtain Pokemon up to level 45.
Gym #6 Circhester Gym - Leader Gordie
Leader: Gordie
Type: Rock
Recommended: Water, Ground
Rewards: Rock Badge, Rock Uniform, TM48 - Rock Tomb
Gordie's Pokemon:
#1 Barbaracle
Type: Rock, Water
Lv: 40
Moves: Shell Smash (Normal), Rock Tomb (Rock), Razor Shell (Water)
#2 Shuckle
Type: Bug, Rock
Lv: 40
Moves: Power Split (Psychic), Stone Edge (Rock), Struggle Bug (Bug), Rock Tomb (Rock)
#3 Stonjourner
Type: Rock
Lv: 41
Moves: Stealth Rock (Rock), Rock Tomb (Rock), Body Slam (Normal), Wonder Room (Psychic)
#4 Coalossal
Type: Rock, Fire
Lv: 42
Moves: Tar Shot (Rock), Stealth Rock (Rock), Heat Crash (Fire), Rock Tomb (Rock)
STRATEGY: In Sword version, Gordie is the leader of Circhester Gym. Gym Leader Gordie uses Rock-types and has four Pokemon. A combination of Water and Ground-type moves should cover the dual-typing spread of his Pokemon and be 1x effective or better against everything. He'll Dynamax his Coalossal, so you should do the same to keep up. The Rock Badge allows you to obtain Pokemon up to level 50.
Gym #6 Circhester Gym - Leader Melony
Leader: Melony
Type: Ice
Recommended: Rock, Fighting
Rewards: Ice Badge, Ice Uniform, TM27 - Icy Wind
Melony's Pokemon:
#1 Galarian Frosmoth
Type: Ice, Bug
Lv: 40
Moves: Icy Wind (Ice), Feather Dance (Flying), Bug Buzz (Bug), Hail (Ice)
#2 Galarian Darmanitan
Type: Ice, Fire
Lv: 40
Moves: Icicle Crash (Ice), Headbutt (Normal), Taunt (Dark), Fire Fang (Fire)
#3 Eiscue
Type: Ice
Lv: 41
Moves: Amnesia (Psychic), Freeze-Dry (Ice), Hail (Ice), Icy Wind (Ice)
#4 Lapras
Type: Water, Ice
Lv: 42
Moves: Icy Wind (Ice), Ice Beam (Ice), Surf (Water), Sing (Normal)
STRATEGY: In Shield version, Melony is the leader of Circhester Gym. Gym Leader Melony uses Ice-types and has four Pokemon. A Rock-type will be at least super effective against everything, and a Fighting-type is your second best option. She'll Dynamax her Lapras, so you should do the same to keep up. The Ice Badge allows you to obtain Pokemon up to level 50.
Gym #7 Spikemuth Gym - Leader Piers
Leader: Piers
Type: Dark
Recommended: Fairy, Ground
Rewards: Dark Badge, Dark Uniform, TM85 - Snarl
Piers's Pokemon:
#1 Scrafty
Type: Dark, Fighting
Lv: 44
Moves: Fake Out (Normal), Sand Attack (Ground), Brick Break (Fighting), Payback (Dark)
#2 Malamar
Type: Dark, Psychic
Lv: 45
Moves: Night Slash (Dark), Foul Play (Dark), Psycho Cut (Psychic), Payback (Dark)
#3 Skuntank
Type: Poison, Dark
Lv: 45
Moves: Sucker Punch Screech Toxic Snarl
#4 Obstagoon
Type: Dark, Normal
Lv: 46
Moves: Obstruct (Dark), Throat Chop (Dark) Counter (Fighting), Shadow Claw (Ghost)
STRATEGY: The Gym Leader of Spikemuth and brother of Marnie is Piers. Piers is a Dark-type leader who has four Pokemon. Fairy-type is a must-have, but you'll need something like Ground as well to cover Skuntank's Poison/Dark-type. You'll battle Piers in the town of Spikemuth and not in a stadium, so there will be no Dynamaxing in this battle. The Dark Badge will allow you to capture Pokemon up to level 55.
Gym #8 Hammerlocke Gym - Leader Raihan
Leader: Raihan
Type: Dragon
Recommended: Ice, Ground
Rewards: Dragon Badge, Dragon Uniform, TM99 - Breaking Swipe
Raihan's Pokemon:
#1 Gigalith
Type: Rock
Lv: 46
Moves: Stealth Rock (Rock), Sand Tomb (Ground), Rock Blast (Rock), Body Press (Fight)
#2 Sandaconda
Type: Ground
Lv: 46
Moves: Protect (Normal), Glare (Normal), Fire Fang (Fire), Earth Power (Ground)
#3 Flygon
Type: Ground, Dragon
Lv: 47
Moves: Thunder Punch (Electric), Breaking Swipe (Dragon), Crunch (Dark), Steel Wing (Steel)
#4 Duraludon
Type: Steel, Dragon
Lv: 48
Moves: Breaking Swipe (Dragon), Body Press (Fighting), Stone Edge (Rock), Iron Head (Steel)
STRATEGY: The eighth and final Gym Leader of Galar is the Dragon-type specialist Raihan. The Hammerlocke leader has four Pokemon. Interestingly, only two of his Pokemon are actually Dragon-type. Either way, a combination of Ice and Ground-types should do the trick against him. He will Dynamax his Duraludon, so you should do the same at that time. The Dragon Badge will allow you to capture any Pokemon regardless of level.
P/s: I hope my answer is some help for you. Since this is my first time answering a question, if there are any mistakes, please help me correct them. Thank you very much!

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