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After days of SRing for Cresselia, I finally caught one with okay-ish IVs. She has a Calm nature with perfect IVs in HP, Defence and Sp. Defence. The only perfect IV she is missing is Sp. Attack. Here's her spread:


She has the perfect IVs for bulk. The Attack IV is irrelevant. My only issue is the Sp. Attack IV, which is pretty low, and the Speed IV, which is a tad too high for Trick Room. I would just reset and get a new one, but it might be ages before I get another Cresselia with perfect IVs in bulk. Please help! Do I keep the magnificent bulk and ignore the less-favourable IVs, or do I reset and try again?

Nice luck on the bulk! I think you should try again, cause you really do need as low speed as possible. I think that the IVs should be something like this:


25+ means 25 and above, 10- means 10 and below

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Waste more of your time restting for a pixel.

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'Flawless or Bust' it is then.


Go big or go home.
"Waste more of your time restting for a pixel."