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I was IV breeding my VGC team on Omega Ruby when I found Crescent Isle. Elated, I took my trusty Calm Ralts and began SRing for a 4IV Cresselia (sans Atk and Spe). Well, after days of resetting I still haven't caught the perfect Cress, which is hampering my teambuilding quite a bit. I don't want to lose Crescent Isle, but I also want to finish my team. Chances are that I'll never use Cresselia for a Trick Room team, but I wanted to have her just in case. Now that I look at the situation, it may be beneficial to just leave Cresselia for a later date. Please help with my indecision!


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I'd say...


Congratulations on stumbling across a 5% likely chance of appearing Island :D
Crescent Ilse appearing ias a very slim 5% chance. It might be ages until you come across another. Cressilia a God at Trick Room Teams and having her if you are thinking up of a TR team will do wonders and you'll be grateful that you caught a 4IV Calm one.

With your VGC Team building I'll be willing to help out and I'm sure a couple of others will do too :)

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Thanks for the answer! I was aware of the slim chances of encountering Crescent Isle, but I was starting to get impatient.
I'm sure you'll come across one !
Good Luck :D

May RNG be withyou
Cresent Isle appeared the first time I ever soared xD
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I would say to try and finish your team. Crescent Isle may have a 5% chance of spawning, but if any of your friends have it that day, you can get it via street pass. If you're not going to use cresselia, than focus on your team. Hope I helped!