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I accidentally came upon Crescent Isle and stocked up on Ultra Balls for the occasion, but then realized I wasn't prepped. I only realized this after I saved next to the portal to shiny hunt. If I leave without catching it will it never appear again? I hope the answer is no because I'm afraid it will KO it due to not having false swipe. Note: I only have Ultra Balls and have full intent to catch it shiny.

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Thank you so much, was soo scared that i would faint it whenever i found it and i would forever regret it
You're welcome (in the future, if you have something to say about an answer, comment on the answer (unless that was a mistake you made). You can repay me by Best Answering my answer :)

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Yes, you can come back to Crescent Isle by following these three steps:

  1. Make Cresselia faint.
  2. Leave and wait 1 day (24 hours), and also, do the League again so you can Shiny Hunt Cresselia in that spot again (WARNING: Do NOT change the 3DS clock, otherwise, you'll have to wait a week or more instead of 24 hours).
  3. After the 24 hours pass, you've beaten the League, and you're 100% ready, go back to Crescent Isle and start hunting again.

(I don’t think you have to wait 24 hours though)

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Hey i fainted cresselia and its been 17 hours since then, but i see no cresselia isle which scares me, i went on the internet and updated the mirage spots and such but still no cresselia isle. My ds clock is slightly off from an animal crossing event which happened around 2 years ago, but im still curious. I think that cresselia isle is like a mirage spot but i dont know, please help.
Do the League again and Cresselia will be back.