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I love both of them, so really, it's a hard choice.

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I'd actually suggest the contrast of the answer above me. Since this is in-game, Swanna offers more utility by learning Surf(And Dive if this is in ORAS.) So you can have a psuedo HM Slave in the form of Swanna. Because damage output really doesn't matter in-game, I'd prefer you head towrds the idea of utility over damage.

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Totally forgot about HM slaves.
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Hawlucha's base Attack: 92

Swanna's base Attack: 87

Hawlucha is able to get more use out of Fly, so I would pick him.

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I'm pretty sure it's in-game. It does seriously not matter.
I know it's in-game, but Hawlucha will still be able to use it better in battle.
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Hawlucha is much better. While it has a decent Attack stat and Speed stat, you should make the use of High Jump Kick. It learns it via leveling up. It also learns Sky Attack, which takes a turn to charge up. Just give Hawlucha a Power Herb and you'll be alright. Since you are playing a Generation 6 game, there will be more Electric-types to knock Swanna and Hawlucha out. Swanna has 6 type advantages, while Hawlucha has 7. Swanna has a 4x weakness to Electric-type moves, so that will be a major flaw. Hawlucha does not have a 4x weakness, but still has some weaknesses. So, Hawlucha has better typing than Swanna. It is a good idea to teach your Hawlucha Fly, because he/she is very powerful with Fly. Plus, if you plan to battle with it, Hawlucha will probably win the fight for you! In conclusion, Hawlucha will be the better Flyer for you.

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Yes. That is true. But like what Psychic said, swanna provides more utility, which is more valuable in-game. Damage output isn't really a necessity, especially since you get legendaries before the Elite 4 and you have 2 starters (Kanto and Kalos).