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My Gardevoir have trace ability. If I encounter a Pokemon both with primary and hidden ability, what does trace will copy? is it a 50-50 chance?

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I think he means in a double battle. In example,

His gardevoir and pikachu vs pikachu HA and pikachu normal.

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I'm rather confused by your question, but I'll try anyway.
Pokemon can only have one ability at a time. Most Pokemon have a choice between 3: Ability 1, Ability 2, and the Hidden Ability. Apart from Hordes, DexNav, and Friend Safari, Hidden Ability Pokemon cannot be found in the wild.
Wild Pokemon have abilities generated when you encounter them, so Trace will always give you the ability the wild Pokemon has.
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Hi Radi. Thanks so much on your answer. Actually, I'm just beginning to be curious of this kind of ability. So a pokemon can only have one ability? Then, what is the use of hidden ability? Does it mean that a pikachu can't have both lightning rod (hidden ability) and static (primary ability or first ability) at the same time? I thought this would be cooler since these kind of pokemons are hard to find. If that the case, it's just like finding a normal pokemon in the wild with a rare ability. Am I right? Please comment Radi. Need more of your help
Yeah, Pokemon can only have one ability at a time. But Hidden Abilities are often better than any other abilities the Pokemon gets. For example, take Scolipede. It normally has Poison Point or Swarm, which aren't very good, but its Hidden Ability is Speed Boost, which is positively amazing.
And essentially, yes, finding a Pokemon with its Hidden Ability is finding a normal Pokemon with an ability it wouldn't normally have.
Thank you Radi.