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Trace can't copy those abilities:

•Flower Gift
•Stance Change

My question is why? Why can't Trace copy those abilities? What make them so special to all others?
The option ''GameFreak wanted to'' is OK but others options.

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  • Multitype is impossible to transfer, no matter how hard you try. This can be connected to the fact that it's the Pokemon world's god i.e Arceus' signature ability. As of such, it's quite probable that Trace will fail against it in rational terms. In terms of the mechanics, if the Trace-wielding Pokemon is holding a plate, it would cause a sudden type change, and that is simply put, a little too radical in the game.
  • Tracing Illusion is pointless. If it was possible, the Trace-wielder will transform into the last Pokemon in it's team right in front of the opponent's face. Purpose ruined. So it's sensible to make it so that it's not traceable at all. Oh and it's the Zorua line's signature ability as well.
  • Imposter is a difficult case. Tracing Imposter will only happen against another Imposter-wielder i.e Ditto. As of such, Ditto will first tranform into your Pokemon, and the Trace-wielder just transforms into the opponent i.e itself. That's as good as not having Traced Imposter at all.
  • Flower Gift and Stance Change are related to form shifts. Cherrim and Aegislash actually change into very different Pokemon through these abilities, and hence are the select few Pokemon to wield them. Trace users in majority however, do not have alternate forms, and can't shift from one form to another because of that. Hence they are untraceable. Same goes for other such abilities like Zen Mode.

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This is because they wouldn't affect the Pokemon that Traced that Ability. A Gardevoir with Multitype would be hard to get, so they took the option out. Illusion is useless, as you know what Pokemon came out. Flower Gift, I'm guessing, is Cherrim's thing, and Stance Change only works on Pokemon with King's Shield (a total of one Pokemon). Imposter is also impossible to Trace, as the Pokemon copies you before you copy their Ability. Imposter would also make you yourself.

Hope I helped! :D