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Player: Go! alakazam and Gardevoir!
Opponent: Go! Golem and Porygon 2!

Garvdevoirs trace copied porygons 2 trace!

Alakazam uses skill swap! Alakazam switched abilities with gardevoir!

Golem Used Rock Polish! Porygon 2 used defense curl!

Gardevoir! Switch out! Go Spiritomb!

Alakazam used skill swap! spiritomb gets trace ability

Porygon 2! Switch out! Go shedinja! Spiritomb's trace copied the opponents wonder guard!

Will the spiritomb be not affected by any attacks besides status moves and weather?

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Sorry but trace cant be used on a pokemon with trace

Trace copies the Ability of the current opponent. Trace is able to
copy Wonder Guard, but not Multitype or Illusion. If both the Pokémon
and the opponent have Trace, it will do nothing. If used in a double
battle, Trace will randomly copy either opponent's Ability


Edit:Well in that case yes spirtomb will get wonder guard and like shedinija it will only be affected by supereffecctive moves which it has none. so only weather,entry hazards,and status will take it out

Part of the strategy. Because trace can't copy the opponents trace it will stay teh same and can be skill swapped. And What if the golem was a zoroark in disuise?
edited my answer also for future reference please put if the other pokemon is a zoroark because you just put golem in the question instead of zoroark copying golem