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I've always seen Electivire as a Pokemon with great Attack and Speed just a tad too low. Ideal Choice Scarf user, am I right?

Electivire @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Motor Drive
Naive Nature
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
-Wild Charge
-Ice Punch
-Volt Switch

I was thinking of running either Cross Chop, Brick Break, or EQ, or another move, but I can't decide! Can someone help me?

Some ideas would be cross chop, earthquake, and stuff.
Hidden Power grass
Is this for Wi-Fi battling or Showdown? Any specific tier?
This is for NU Wi-Fi.

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Cross Chop
Great BP and high crit rate but sorta bad acc.
Covers Rock, Ice, Steel,Dark, and Normal types.

Brick Break
a bit less BP but much more accurate then Cross Chop.
Covers same types as above.

Earth quake
Great BP and Acc.
Covers Rock, elec, steel and poison types.

Fire Punch
Decent damage and great acc.
Covers Steel, Ice, Grass, and Bug

These are the most viable filler moves for him and as for the choice I would go with Crosschop. Cross Chop as amazing Coverage and Great Damage for electivire but pretty weak damage. You can choose Brick Break nstead if you wanna play it a bit Safer.
Edit: Fire Punch isnt as viable in NU due to it only hiting 4 pokes Cross wont hit for SE
Hope I helped

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