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What is the difrence of cured and infected?

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Well Infected means it has Pokerus which will double the evs the infected Pokemon gains in battle symbolized by PKRS on summary page.
Cured means this Pokemon had Pokerus but it gained an immunity to it symbolized bye the small pink smiley face. Once a Pokemon loses Pokerus it can never gain it again.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokérus

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Pokemon infected with Pokerus have the purple "Pokerus" symbol on their status screen. When Pokemon are in this phase, they gain double EVs in battle, and can spread Pokerus to Pokemon adjacent to them in the party.

A Pokemon cured of Pokerus will have a smiley face on their status screen. In this phase, Pokemon still gain double EVs in battle, but cannot spread Pokerus to Pokemon at all.

Once a Pokemon is cured of Pokerus, it will never gain it again.

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