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I want to know if Zoroark is able to breed so that l can get an egg with Zoroa.
Because l don't want to migrate a Celebi into my Black, and not be able to have one on my Soul Silver.


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Yes it can breed with ditto and anyone in the ground egg group

Some body stole my white but yes I agree with speedfreal
Quick non pokemon related question whats points mean next to ur name after you submit sum thing
True it can not breed with Zorua.
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Yes; ditto is the only pokemon able to breed with every pokemon but legendary pokemon. It is the key in the pokemon game. Plus, it's hard to trade pokemon to other games, and you have to finish black and/or white in order to trade to the other games.

Not if you use the relocater.
Ditto Cant Breed With Ditto
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Yup, you can breed them. They actually breed really well too. Good luck!

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