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my landorus is dodging random attacks like quick attack ext. and it says stuff and like if he's frozen it says "Landorus thawed out because of its blazing heart!" or something why is that happening is that normal? BTW he only has 1 heart in Pokemon amid

quite simple. Your Landorus is a butt who is not one with the good.

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Because you played with it in Amie.

Amie effects in battle:
- introduces a chance of breaking out of status moves
- raises evasion
- introduces a chance of surviving with 1 HP left
- Pokemon will turn to look at you just as it enters battle

It happens with all Pokemon who have high/max affection in Amie.

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ok thnx! but why does it hop up some times?
At that point you should only have about 3 hearts with it in Amie. That means it's getting friendlier towards you.
and when it looks back at me?