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I tried at game stop with pokemon black. the mystery gift said it couldnt work.

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First, you need the Liberty Pass which gives you access to Liberty Garden to CATCH Victini.
The Liberty Pass is not obtainable through the Wireless feature at Gamestop. You get it via Wi-Fi through April something I believe.
On the start up screen go to Mystery Gift, and select get through Wi-Fi.

This will get you the Liberty Pass which will get you to Liberty Garden from the ship in the left most pier. Talk to that person and you will be taken there.

Victini will be Lv. 15, and I wish you good luck! ~

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Thats a better written answer, thatnks for the help!!!
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You go to gamestop to get Celebi. To get Victini, you go to mistery gift on the title screen for nintendo. Then go to a pokemon center, talk to the guy dressed in blue. Go to the 4 city or the 3 gym. Go to the Liberty dock, board the ship, and go to the lighthouse, beat team plasma, and you can catch Victini. Make sure you save! Victini is at lv.15; so don't be too powerful! Also bring lots of pokeballs.

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