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I need Victini, but none of the ships in Castelia city will let me board them, except for the cruise ship. I have a liberty pass but I still can't board!

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u mean Victini, not Victinity.
yeah, sorry i spelled that wrong.

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To get Victini, you must have the Liberty Pass, whitch was given out during a PASSED wi-fi event. Sorry! ( By the way, I missed it too! )

There was actually a second event hosted for the Virtuoso Victini (for the movie) that came out for those that did not receive the Victini that was distributed around launch time.
Oh yeah! It completely slipped my mind! But that is passed also... Right?
Haha I'm not sure, but you should check and grab it before it ends (if it is still going on.)
Wait, there is another event?!?!?!?!?! PLEEASE ............DO YOU KNOW ANY THING ABOUT IT?????
Well that comment was posted quite a while ago, so by now I'm sure its definitely over.