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The upcoming Pokémon movie is going to be called Archdjinn of the Rings: Hoopa. What the heck is an "archdjinn"? I looked it upin the dictionary and couldn't find it. Is it a Nintendo term, or a real–world one? What does it mean?

That's not really in relation with Pokemon though..
It could be. And it's from a Pokémon movie, and I'm wondering how it relates to Hoopa.

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It's not a real word in the dictionary. It was probably the easiest word that Nintendo could find as a translation from their Japanese name while maintaining a cool sounding name.

Notice how it can be split into Arch - Djinn, which are both words by themselves? Arch meaning the most important/extreme (like Arch-mage), while Djinn being a supernatural creature in Arabic Mythology, also called Genies.

If you take a look at the Japanese name, there's a bit of Kanji in it which can be translated to basically, Super Genie. That's probably where the name comes from, as an English Translation - and let's face it, Archdjinn of the Rings: Hoopa sounds better than Super Genie of the Rings: Hoopa

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You're right, it does.