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This is for the original Ruby version.

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sorry to be a grammer nazi but polemon?
^ you notice polemon but not graudon
Here's what the question should look like: I'm having a problem beating Groudon. How could I train my Pokemon so they can level up fast in Pokemon Ruby Version?

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catch or beat?

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My strategy for leveling up Pokemon is to take a very strong one and weaker ones. Then I find a place where there is decent or pretty strong Pokemon. Then just keep killing then over and over. Like chain fishing but with battling and leveling up. I call it chain leveling. Hope I helped! :)

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rather than grinding, I recommend for you to use golduck. you can catch psyducks in the safari zone on route 121. you should have the surf HM, so teach that to golduck (also, make sure it has cloud nine). use this, and you shouldn't have much trouble with groudon (also, make sure it has disable to keep groudon from rest stalling).

also, get lots and lots and LOTS of dusk balls, just in case.
This is Pokémon Ruby so there weren't any dusk balls since they were introduced in Gen IV