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//I have a Reshiram and its name is Jeremy.//
I just got a Zekrom from trade and its name is Mike.
I go to wherever Kyruem is and catch it and name it Vincent.
I get the DNA splicers.
I want to combine them, but what would White/Black Kyurem's Name would look like?

//Do not ask where I get those names from. Just back away sloooooowly//

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backs away

It will take the name of Kyurem. When you use the DNA Splicers on Kyurem/Zakrom or Kyurem/Reshiram, the reulting Pokémon will have the EVs, IVs, moves, nature, typing and nickname of the Kyurem.

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Thanks. But then Vincent and Mike/Jeremy will have a baby //Ship//