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I was looking at Shedinja's moveset, and the tm toxic stood out to me. I was thinking of a stalling shedinja with:

Shedinja w/Quick Claw


Is there anything that I should change? Is toxic Shedinja even good?

Is your Shedinja hacked? I'm just wondering because I just battled a sturdy Shedinja.
no. just one thing:y would people hack imposter blisseys, sturdy shedinjas, etc. It makes the game boring.
It's fine. It seems more focused on whether or not Toxic is viable on Shedinja, with the moveset being secondary.

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To be extremely honest, Shedinja's a very gimmicky Pokemon at best. It won't live for more then maybe 3 turns, so honestly, I think it's got better things to do than use Toxic. Give it a Sash, and teach it Swords Dance, Shadow Sneak, X-Scissor, and Protect. I don't recommend using Toxic is because the turn that you do use it, the opponent could easily seed you, attack you supereffectively, etc.

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