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I'm planning on using a shedinja in a battle with my friends and I've checked the move sets for him which are all pretty good ideas. So out of these two shedinjas which would you use? Oh I play generation 5.
item: Focus sash
ability: Wonder guard.
Nature: hasty
Characteristic: Proud of it's power
Ev's: 252 Attack 252speed 4 some thing else ( It won't really need it)

  • Endure
  • X-scissor
  • Dig
  • Metal caw

Next one

item: Focus sash
Ability: Wonder guard
Nature: Hasty
Characteristic: Proud of it's power.
Ev,s:252 Attack 252 speed 4 as said before something it doesn't need.

  • Endure
  • X-scissor
  • Dig
  • Confuse ray
    The idea is that my ally uses soak on my shedinja to gain a lot more resistances. My foes just use full on attacking Pokemon not ones that uses toxic or sandstorm etc. So do I need a attack boost through metal claw or annoy my foe with confuse ray? Sorry for the long post!
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Metal Caw?

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Confuse Ray.

It's better to have a chance to let your opponent hit themselves than rely on something that won't raise attack all the time.

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