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I am trying to get a focus band Ditto to transform into a safety goggle Shedinja under a mat block from a choice scarf Greninja.

That part was easy. It was pretty great as a wall, but aside from that. .. I'm wondering what the quickest way to get sturdy to my Shedinja. So far, all I'm getting is two Pokemon combos requiring simple beam and skill swap, or mummy... or gastro acid. Either way, it would need risky switches. Are there any really quick options that I'm overlooking?

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Carbink has Sturdy and can learn skill swap, so as long as simple beam etc. goes first, it can work in one turn, as long as shidinja isn't hit beforehand

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As far as my knowledge, the quickest/best way to get Sturdy on a Shedinja is with Carbink and Mega Lopunny. Carbink does Skill Swap with Mega Lopunny. Mega Lopunny uses Magic Coat to block Spikes/Stealth Rock. Carbink then switches out for Shedinja and Mega Lopunny will probably get Entrainment in (since it has 405 speed) first. Mega Lopunny then uses Thunder Wave to paralyze Shedinja so it cannot get a damaging status condition. (If you don't want to use up your Mega, you can use Hawlucha/Audino, but they aren't as ideal).

It's for triple format that begins with a Ditto, a Shedinja and a Greninja.  Greninja can use mat block for scouting and for a safe transform.  I guess there's no way to get that to go off in this situation?
After you do the above steps, you can send out Ditto and Greninja and use Transform on that Shedinja.