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I don't know how to stop it. Eight Gen 9 Nat Dex games and all of them had said Shedinja. Please help me.

Edit: Also if Cyclizar Shed Tails and giving Shedinja a substitute, which is immune to toxic

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There are lots of counters, such as sandstorm, toxic, hail, Rocky helmet, just any type of indirect damage.
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Firstly, there is indirect damage. This includes the entry hazard;
- Stealth Rock
- Sandstorm
- Status conditions, such as poison, burn and confusion
- Items such as the Rocky helmet and
- Leech seed

In terms of abilities;
- Mold Breaker makes Shedinja’s ability useless
- Aftermath
- Rough Skin
- Liquid ooze
- And a few more

There are also some move that can damage it, being;
- Struggle
- Future sight
- Beat up
- Doom Desire
- And the recoil from Shedinja using struggle

In summary
There are still a lot of things that can beat Shedinja, mainly things like stealth rock and status conditions.

Hope I helped?

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I feel like Tera elec shedinja is overhyped.
Amen to that
In doubles it would be better
Also, Shedninja is unobtainable in Scarlet and Violet
It's Nat Dex as the asker said
Smogon managed to beat Shedinja by banning it from NatDex.